New Classes for Adults and Kids! Starting in February! Back in the Arts Alley!

The ModboCo School of Art announces new Spring 2015 classes for adults and kids! Classes begin the week of February 23rd. More info at (where you can also register online), or by emailing or by leaving a message at 633-4240.  Now nearly in its sixth year, the ModboCo School of Art offers classes for most ages and skill levels.  The ModboCo’s mission is to provide our students with an access point to art making, as well as a safe place to fail. We aim to celebrate our students’ growth, challenge them, and ensure quality in our teaching. At the end of the day, we want to help shape the cultural identity of our community, to create with integrity, to open possibilities, and to have fun in the process.  What are you waiting for? Register now! All classes are held at The Modbo, 17c and 17b East Bijou, 80903.


***Adult classes:***


Monday Nights, starting February 23rd:


Art Theory


5:15 pm – 7:15 pm With Brett Andrus $150


Why do you make art the way you do? Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, making the same art over and over again? This class is designed by Brett Andrus to address those very issues, through a discussion-based examination of everything from color theory, to composition, to creativity and the development of one’s artistic style.  This class is nine sessions long and goes from 5:15 pm until 7:15 pm.  Some experience recommended; email for guidance.


Sound Smart At the Museum


7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  With Brett Andrus  $150


Are you an artist looking for inspiration? Or somebody who just really appreciates art? Well then! Join us for this art history class designed to introduce you to the major art makers and movements in western art over the last 700 years. We will learn about the movers and shakers who have shaped the art making process from the Northern Renaissance to what happened last week. This will not be a date memorization class, THIS WILL BE FUN!! Nine sessions included.


Tuesday Nights, starting February 24th:


Drawing 201


5:15pm – 7:15pm  With Brett Andrus  $150, model fee included


Is it time to continue your journey down the path of drawing? Over nine sessions, students will gain insight into hand/eye coordination, focusing on different drawing media, rendering, expanded principles of perspective and sight reading, and an introduction to color. Drawing 101 or similar knowledge in drawing is highly preferred.


Painting 201:


7:30 pm – 9:30 pm With Brett Andrus $150, model fee included


If you loved your introduction to oil painting and are ready to further your knowledge, we’re ready for you! Students will be introduced to glaze technique and mark-making intention.   Additionally, anatomical focus will be honed, you will make progress on a body of work, and art history from the 1840s-1930s will be covered.  Beginning Oil Painting of some sort is strongly preferred.  Nine sessions included in tuition.


Wednesday Nights, starting February 25th:


Drawing 101


5:15pm – 7:15pm  With Brett Andrus $150, model fee included


If you have never drawn before, or feel rusty on your drawing skills, this is the class for you! Students will be taught basic sight reading, handling of media, artistic vocabulary, still life and life drawing, and introduction to perspective over the nine sessions of the course.


Oil Painting 101


7:30pm – 9:30pm  With Brett Andrus  $150, model fee included


Have you always been curious about oil painting? This class is definitely for you! Students will be given an introduction to the medium of oil paints, as well as knowledge of how best to utilize it, make it work, etc. Basic color mixing will be covered, as well as still life, life painting, and an introduction to art history in the nine sessions of the class.  No oil painting experience required, but a basic knowledge of drawing is preferred.


***Kids’ classes:***


Starting Saturday, February 28th.


*ModboCo Art Starters, 1st through 5th grades*

11:00 am til 12:15 pm

Instructor Christian Medovich teaches this class, for ages 1st through 5th grade. For six classes in total, this course is only $100 with materials included. This introductory class engages elementary aged artists in a comprehensive and exciting exploration into the visual world. We will begin to uncover the building blocks and techniques necessary for a solid foundation. Our emphasis on line, shape, and form will begin to make the important connections between our mind’s eye and the physical representation in 2D and 3D.


*ModboCo Art Rangers, 1st through 5th grades*

12:30 pm til 1:45 pm

Instructor Christian Medovich teaches this class, for ages 1st through 5th grade. $100 with materials included for all six classes. This class builds on what students learned in the Art Starters class. The elementary aged artists will continue building the foundations of technique and creative thinking. Students will get a chance to explore with new media and learn a little bit of Art History. Always a fun environment, the ModboCo strives for growth of our young artist.

*Middle School Drawing*

2:15 pm til 3:30 pm

Christian Medovich will lead this class for middle schoolers. This fun class will teach the basics of drawing in a simple, easy to follow manner.  Fundamentals of drawing and rendering will be taught, as well as perspective, mark-making, and more.  Six classes, with materials included, are just $100.  Your child will be amazed by their own progress!

*Introduction to Oil Painting for High Schoolers*

3:45 pm til 5:45 pm

This class is taught by Christian Medovich for high schoolers interested in dipping their toe into the world of oil painting.  Just $90 with some materials included for all six classes.  Students will learn the fundamentals of oil painting in this fun class, designed to produce results.


The ModboCo Moves Back to The Modbo

Brett and Lauren are moving art classes from the Ivywild School back to The Modbo Gallery in central downtown Colorado Springs. After 17 months of operating at Ivywild School, we’ve decided the most pragmatic financial decision would be to re-consolidate our operations to their original downtown location, The Modbo Gallery. (The Gallery was home to classes for nearly five years before the move to Ivywild.)

We enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the growing and vibrant Ivywild community!

Art classes for both adults and children will still be held on a similar schedule, with adult classes in oil painting, drawing, and more on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Kids’ art classes will be held on Saturdays, and will cover introductory levels of art as well as drawing and painting. New classes begin on February 23rd for adults and February 28th for children. The class schedule will be announced within the week and posted at

Current classes will finish out in the Ivywild space.