New Adult Art Classes at the New S.P.Q.R. Art Space!

The newly re-imagined S.P.Q.R. Art Space (formerly conjoined with The Modbo) announces a new round of classes.  Taught by renowned artist and teacher Brett Andrus, and still located in the edgy alley art gallery space of S.P.Q.R., each round of classes lasts for eight sessions, and costs just $170 for all eight classes.  To reserve, or for questions, please email Lauren at  S.P.Q.R. Art Space is located at 17B E. Bijou, 80903, in the Arts Alley in downtown Colorado Springs.


On Tuesday, February 7th, at 5:15 pm, S.P.Q.R. Art Space offers Art Theory and Professional Practices.  Are you ready to take your art to the next level? This class is designed to teach you the best way to approach art galleries, among other professional aspects of the trade. How do you feel about the business side of your art? Are you ready for some guidance? This class is for you.  In the art theory realm, this class will cover conceptual theory and design theory, as well as opening up the eternal artistic question– why do you do what you do as an artist?


On Tuesday, February 7th, at 7:30 pm, S.P.Q.R. Art Space offers Advanced Oil Painting.  This class is only available for those who have taken at least Oil 101.  Given the small class size, there will be a custom curriculum for each student.  Part critique, part studio, this class will absolutely take your painting to the next level.


On Monday, February 27th, at 5:15 pm, S.P.Q.R. Art Space offers Oil 101. Have you always been curious about oil painting? This class is definitely for you! Students will be given an introduction to the medium of oil paints, as well as knowledge of how best to utilize it, make it work, etc. Basic color mixing will be covered, as well as still life, life painting, and an  introduction to art history. Prerequisite: No oil painting experience required, but a basic knowledge of drawing is preferred.


On Monday, February 27th, at 7:30 pm, S.P.Q.R. Art Space offers Sound Smart at the Museum: Ouroboros.  In this lecture-oriented class, instructor Brett Andrus will present a close look at six contemporary American painters.  You’ll be taken on a walk back through history, examining their artistic genealogy. Totally fascinating and totally worth your while.


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