The ModboCo serves to bring integrity, joy, and purpose to those who seek to learn about art. The ModboCo is an art school located in the Modbo and S.P.Q.R. galleries in downtown Colorado Springs, 17b and 17c East Bijou, 80903.  The ModboCo offers classes for adults and kids of all ages and skill levels. Students can count on teachers with a wide variety of experience and knowledge, who create their own work with integrity, and seek to share their methods with others. As learners of all ages and skill levels, students can depend on a focused, but fun, process, leading to real-world skills and abilities in the subject of their choice.

The ModboCo can be reached at modboco at gmail.com, or by leaving a message at 719.633.4240.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, my name it Austin. I’m a studio artist at the BAC in Manitou and saw that the Ivy Wild school has some local art on display. I have some kinetic water sculptures I would like to display and thought they would do well in one of the outside areas. I wanted to know who I might contact about this.

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